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Don't forget to place your order!

*Georgia Farm to Table *has updated their offerings.

Simply OH has some wonderful sunscreen and body care products for you.

We also have a new shipment of salted and unsalted *cultured butter *(Not listed on the market but available on the farm) and *raw milk cheese *arrived Friday.

Happy shopping!
Mary Beth

The market is open for ordering.

The market is open for ordering so jump in and get your shopping done early.
Mary Beth

Don't forget to place your orders today

The market closes at 8:00 tonight so please get your orders in. Remember, if you dont get a confirmation e-mail, you didn’t finish placing your order.
Riversong Bakery has added 2 new items, Chocolate Pecan Delight and Soft Granola Bars. Farm Fresh Foods has added English Pea, Asparagus and Radish Salad along with the Spring Vegetable and Farfalle Salad – which was so light and delicious.
Georgia Farm to Table is bringing lots of fresh vegetable and fruits again this week. According to Christie, the peaches are Certified Naturally Grown and the blueberries are home grown but not certified.

Thank you for supporting your local farmer, if you don’t, who will?
Mary Beth*

The on-line market is open for ordering.

The mon line market is open for ordering so get those orders in before the busyness of the weekend sets in. I hope you all have plans to celebrate our soldiers and support men and women of the armed forces. For those of you that served or are serving, thank you.
Blessings to all,
Mary Beth

Don't forget to order.

Don’t forget to place your orders for so that you can get the cleanest, freshest foods in our area!

Mary Beth

Chicken update.

Holden Creek Farm is a small farm nestled in the mountains of northern Georgia, where we specialize in raising pastured poultry. Pastured systems are cleaner, more natural, and more humane. Our entire production system is a natural, pasture-based model that avoids the use of GMOs, antibiotics and other medications. Our small family farm is a testament to values we hold dear and that have been passed down through the generations…..a love and respect for one another and a deep connection to the land and animals we care for.

We welcome Holden Creek Farm and are excited to offer chicken this week! Livers, feet, backs and more are available.

Mary Beth

The on line market is open for ordering.

Another wonderful week at the market, thanks to you, our customers and our wonderful vendors!
Please get those orders in and support your local growers and producers, they are here to serve you. I also want to thank those of you that bring friends by to see the market, it seems we have a new visitor every week or so. Keep sharing about our market and give our farmers a reason to grow!

We have plenty of goodies this week, the staples of milk, butter, cheese and wonderful meats. The vegetables are beautiful and long lasting. I lost some of my Weedy Soil lettuce in the back of the vegetable bin and two weeks later, it was still beautiful, no slimy bits al all. The beets this week were huge and had the greens still attached for a bonus. YUM!

THank you for all your concern about our milk orders. Thank you for purchasing the extras. We do not want to lose Cedar Rock and prayerfully we will not.

Also, we are always open to suggestions on how to improve the market, it is here because of you and for you.

Blessings all, get your orders in then get out and play on this beautiful day!

Mary Beth

Important notice.

Many of our vendors require a minimum amount ordered to be able to justify delivering to our co-op. Orders have been low for Cedar Rock Dairy over the last month. Unfortunately, if our orders don’t increase we will lose this wonderful vendor. We have not been able to find milk to compare to Cedar Rock.
It takes a lot of work to provide the quality of the products found on our market. The growers and artisans offer us the best products to support the healthy choices we are making. Please consider showing your support for these vendors by ordering their products. Your food dollars matter greatly to these vendors.

When we established this on-line market, it was a way to centralize your food gathering. Bring the farmers to you versus you finding each farmer and running around to source food. Also, we operate on a trust level. We know the farmers practices and they are completely open about how they raise their produce, animals and make their products. You can trust you are getting what you pay for. The same cannot be said for what you buy at the grocery store or even some local produce stores.

Thank you,
Mary Beth

The market is open for ordering.

The on line market is open for ordering. The fresh vegetables are rolling in from Weedy Soil Farm and they are beautiful and delicious! Four Mile Farm has stocked the freezer with beef and ground lamb. Farm Fresh Foods made the most beautiful Asparagus Spring Rolls, paired with Naan bread from Tranquility Farm and a salad from Weedy Soil, oh my.
We are blessed with growers and artisans that do an outstanding job.

Mary Beth

Don't forget to order.....

Every week our farmers and artisans strive to bring you the freshest and healthiest foods in this area and this week is no exception. Weedy Soil Farm is providing beautiful chard, kale, and lettuce. Farm Fresh Foods has radishes and other fantastic prepared foods.
I love the spicy bite of radishes. Slice them or grate them, pour a splash of vinegar, sprinkle salt and dried dill over them and let marinate for a couple of hours. To complete the salad, wash the leaves and slice thin, steam them for a minute or 2 until bright green then serve topped with the radishes. The bitter greens of radishes, poke and other spring greens are healing, cleansing tonics to our bodies.
Have a great week and we will see you Wednesday.
Mary Beth