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Don't forget to place your orders before 8:00 pm

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed the fireworks in Canton and the Creator’s light show also. The black clouds and thunder set a magnificent backdrop for the fireworks.

The freezers are full of beef, chicken and pork. We have plenty of butter and the cheese is being shipped. One of our fellow food enthusiasts just returned from a road trip where she visited Meadow Valley Farm and the family that makes our butter. She had nothing but good things to say about the people and the operations. I look forward to the pictures she is going to share and hope to share more with all of you.

We have plenty of wonderful vegetables to choose from this week as well as baked goods. Please place your orders before 8:00 pm. WE will see you Wednesday.

Mary Beth

Happy 4th of July

What an extraordinary task our founding fathers set out to do and did with eloquence, courage of conviction and a vision for a future nation that had never been established. We are so blessed to call ourselves United States citizens, aren’t we?

We have an abundance of summer vegetables rolling in from the gardens; squash, green beans, sweet corn and more. The wild blackberries from Weedy Soil Farm were so tart and sweet – flavor explosion in your mouth!

Cedar Rock Dairy has buttermilk available this week. Freeze it in smaller portions to use in baking cornbread, hush puppies, pancakes or chocolate cake. Fantastic.

Pick-up is Wedenesday between 12 and 4. We look forward to seeing you then.

Mary Beth

It just keeps getting better!

Orders must be in by 8:00 tonight.

We now have blackberries, several varieties of squash, beans, potatoes and more listed on the market.

We also have buttermilk from Cedar Rock Dairy, it is a limited amount but oh so delicious, especially for baking.

Joyful Noise Acres will be processing pigs this week if anyone is interested in buying a whole, half or quarter, let us know.

Four Mile Farm filled the freezer with beef and ground lamb. We also have ground beef from Cedar Rock Dairy. We have soup bones and organ meats also.

Mary Beth

The on line market is open for ordering

Georgia Farm to Table has added several fruits this week. Holden Creek Farm is bringing more chicken and we should has plenty of ground beef from Cedar Rock Dairy.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.
Mary Beth

Milk orders due tonight

Please get your milk orders in tonight for Wednesday pick-up at Cherokee Market. I will close out ordering at 8:00pm.


This week the market is open for milk orders only and only until Saturday evening so please order after you finish reading this.

The milk is to be picked up at the Cherokee Market, located at 11611 Cumming Hwy., Canton, GA. Their number is 678-341-8032. The hours are 9-7 daily.

The milk will be in the white coolers when you come in the door from the back of the store where the deck is. Parking is behind the store so it will be easy to come in and out. Leave your empty jars stocked beside the coolers. Please bring them in a box or bag, not loose. Leave them in the box or bag for pick-up. Although I do hope you will bless Lisa with your business, do not pay Cherokee Market for your milk. You will pay for it the following week at our regular market.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mary Beth

Don't forget to place your orders.

Please place your orders before 8:00 pm. This is the week to stock up on butter, cheese, meats and veggies as the market will be closed next week for vacation. Milk and eggs will be at Cherokee Market.
We have some new offerings for vegetables also, broccoli and malabar spinach.

Thank you for supporting locally grown.
Mary Beth

Important market information.

Greetings everyone.
We are looking forward to another week of yumminess – we have an abundance of spearmint, apple mint and Malabar spinach here on the farm. Weedy Soil Farm is looking at a good supply of squash and green beans starting this week along-with her beautiful greens.

The market will be closed the week of the 21st – 28th. We are going out of town so stock up on items this Wednesday to carry you over until the following week. MILK: I will open the market on Friday the 19th to allow milk orders and will close it Saturday night. This way Sam can still deliver milk to you while we are gone. Lisa Meyer of Cherokee Market on Hwy. 20 has agreed to be our pick-up spot. Here is how this will work. Order your milk on Friday to Saturday and pick-up anytime Wednesday the 24th between 9 and 7. Leave your jars at the market and we will pick them up along with the coolers when we return. BTW, Lisa does carry Cedar Rock Dairy milk if you ever run out. Her address is 11611 Cumming Hwy., Canton. Remember, this is not for this weeks orders, just next week.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers,
Mary Beth

Don't forget to place your orders.

Good morning, please don’t forget to place your orders before 8:00 tonight. We have plenty of fresh cheese, butter, milk and eggs.
Cedar Rock Dairy has steaks, ground beef and bones that are not listed on the market, send me a private e-mail and I will have it here on WEdnesday. His prices are about the same as Four Mile Farm. She will have more beef available the end of July.
Thank you for supporting local farms and artisans. Your food dollars matter.
Mary Beth

Our on -line store is open for shopping.

Good morning and Happy Friday. Tonight is First Friday in Canton with a special Bike Night planned. Along with the antique cars, major bike action will be on view. There will also be live music, BBQ and loads of other goodies. Tomorrow is Canton Farmers Market from 8-12 so I hope you get out there and do some fun stuff this weekend.

We have a new vendor that has joined our market, Humphries Humble Creations, she makes organic body care products and soaps, different ones from Simply Oh! She has a black soap that is very healing to the skin as it contains activated charcoal. Please look over her offerings. Her website is

There are a couple of vendors that have not updated the market yet so I will let you know when the veggies are updated.

Blessings, and thank you for supporting your local farmer.

Mary Beth