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Don't forget to place your orders before 8:00 tonight.

Welcome to the rain and beautiful colors of fall. I hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. We look forward to the wonderful vegetables and fruits of the season.
Please remember to place your orders before we close at 8:00 tonight. Bring your jars as usual and I will ge them to the Cherokee Market for next week.
Lisa will have 2 coolers on the side porch for the milk and several boxes for your empty jars. Please make sure you text Sam this week and confirm your standing order with him. If you need to place an order or change an existing order, you will need to text him. Other than that, he will be sending your standing order weekly. The milk will be there by mid afternoon on Tuesdays so you can pick it up then if that is more convenient or on Wednesdays as you have been doing.
Blessings to all and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.
Mary Beth