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Greetings Joyful Noise Acres Farm,

Here at Heart Foods are our goal is to produce a healthy version of those basic comfort foods that we all know and love. What better place to start than with Butter! I love to cook and I’ve always loved butter! Over 20 years ago I started blending combinations that would produce a more heart healthy butter but was still delicious and totally versatile. ButterCups was the result. I wanted something where every element of my recipe had a high nutritional profile and offered a high smoke point so that it could be versatile just like butter. I wanted to be able to cook, bake, saute and spread it on my bread! I have taken rBST free European style butter and added Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Lecithin (the fruit oils and lecithin are non GMO), then plain kefir and sea salt. This created an exquisitely smooth and creamy butter that is spreadable right from your refrigerator. As time went by friends started asking for my butters and when would I start selling them? Then folks said, “you have to create some great flavors” and so begin that creative process.

I now have 5 flavors that include:

Sweet Cream with Sea Salt
Unsalted Sweet Cream
Honey Butter – using local raw honey
Olive Garlic
Lemon Butter

All flavors are $6.00 apiece, you recieve 12 oz of product in a 16 container (because of the way it fluffs up during the blending process), and it comes with a tamper proof lid. Presently I am creating a sumptuous a new butter that I will be introducing after the first of the year called, Maple Pecan Butter. I use a Grade A pure Maple Syrup and non refined Pecan Oil from Oliver Farm in South Georgia. We have not yet determined its price.

As we got closer to launching ButterCups we sent off my recipes to UGA to complete our Nutritional Fact Panels, we were thrilled with the results. Without realizing it I had created something I had only hoped for…all my ButterCups are a minimum of 50% less saturated fat, 50% less cholesterol and 50% less sodium than USDA Butter! Now I have something I can truly offer you that I know is both delicious and healthy, and can be used and enjoyed just like butter. Like you all, I am very health conscious consumer and I plan to transition my products to all organic/non GMO in the coming year. I am also looking for a butter from pastured cows that receive only a small amount of non GMO feed if needed. It will likely increase the price some, but it will be worth it. Until then I am grateful to be able to offer a European Style butter that is rBST free as the base for my ButterCups!

In the coming year I look forward to offering two great new flavors:
Cinnamon Dolche Butter and Basil Butter!

We have recently established a facebook page and would greatly appreciate your “liking us”! Please feel free to contact us at www.facebook.com/buttercupsbutter or email us at heartfoods@aol.com. We now have a toll free number and you can call us at 1-855-7BUTTER (28-8837). Our website is under construction, but we hope you will follow our journey online as we grow www.buttercupsbutter.com. Watch for helpful nutritional information about the elements that make up ButterCups, along with recipes on how to use and enjoy them.

Please experiment with your ButterCups and share with us your discoveries! It would be great to post recipes that you’ve created or the savory combinations you come up with. At some point it would be fun to do a contest – Enjoy!

I am excited to be apart of your healthy local food community. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to ButterCups.

With Many Thanks, Shulamit Duncan your Chief ButterCup Maker

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