Cedar Rock Dairy

Cedar Rock Dairy

We are a small family farm offering raw milk licensed for Pet Consumption by the Department of Agriculture of the state of Georgia. This is the only way that raw milk can be sold legally in the state of Georgia

Our Registered Jersey cows are a closed herd grazing on 1200 acres of organic pastures. Supplemental GMO-Free grain is given at milking and the amount is determined by the weight and body condition at the time of milking. Although the amount is very minimal, it is important to note that the grain does contain GMO-Free soy for protein.

All our cows were born and raised on our farm, fed real milk, instead of powdered milk replacer. We do not use any rBST, or any other type of artificial growth hormones. With the exception of one, all cows test positive for the A2 gene. Testing is performed regularly and our Farm is known for it’s excellent reputation of stellar testing results.

State and Federal inspected dairy.

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